Our services

We are training up the beginners by providing crystal clear consultancy & complete guidance along with practical exposures.

  • Piggery and goat farm management
  • Animal management
  • Fodder management
  • Feeding management
  • Nutrition management
  • Health management
  • Breeding management
  • Kidding management
  1. Opportunities given for University students to study about livestock, agricultures and do researches in the field of agriculture and livestock.
  2. Supply of pedigreed animals (pigs, goats, sheep) for farming with a crystal clear healthly.
  3. Supply of vetenery medicines and veternery kits.
  4. Solving field problems related to field crops of farmers
  5. Providing breeder seeds of recommended breeder seed varieties
  6. Providing training and demonstration facilities to the farmers, school children, officials involved in agriculture and especially to the livestock small holders.
  7. The establishment and maintenance of marketing outlets to supply quality farm products at reasonable prices.

We are undertaken the following contract activites for developing farm Projects Site selection Consultation on farming Detailed training with practical experecence. Supply of farming equipments, machines and applicatoros Supply feeder boxes, drnking units, racks, ect Supply of concentration feeds with weight gain formuls Detailed training & complete guidance to run and maintain a business in a profitable and economic way.