Our story


We are a group of companies who play a vital role in the Sri Lankan food industry, livestock and the agricultural sector. The humble beginning of Chutiduwa group of Companies goes back to the year of 1983.


Today the company became one of the best farms in Sri Lanka, providing a wholesome, naturally nutritious variety of meat products including breeding material to the native customers. We are the main producers and suppliers of the most high-grade breed of animals such as piglets, goat, and sheep to the local farmers.

Market and research

We are proud to inform that our farm supplies at least 40% of the market share concerning the country`s piglets’ requirement. We have been developing and researching on introducing the best breeds of animal and plants in order to increase the yield.


We are the market leader in producing pork to the Sri Lankan market. In addition to pork, we supply mutton, lamb, turkey, quail, goose, rabbit, duck, eggs, goat milk, and goat milk yoghurt. This includes over 100 different processed meat.

Diversification and expansion

Our newly built TEMPT meat processing gives us the opportunity to expand the business significantly and cater to the high-end market including star class hotels in Sri Lanka. The Chutiduwa Livestock (PVT) Ltd & TEMPT Meat processing is an ISO 14001:2004 Environment Management System certified company. It’s also accredited by UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) since our farm maintains an International standard.

Business model and growth

The Chutiduwa group of companies’ agribusiness model has gained global recognition for linking farmers and entrepreneurs to the market through a sustainable and inclusive value creation process. In addition to the above core business, we produce animal pasture, fertilizers, consultancy services to farmers, and fruits and vegetables to consumers. We take on the responsibility for ensuring the quality and safety of our products. As a member of society, we have committed to saving our motherland by focusing on an environment-friendly value chain.

Chutiduwa Group celebrates its 32nd anniversary with many significant achievements and immense contribution to the Agricultural sector of Sri Lanka. I am personally proud of celebrating our recent achievement of becoming the first ISO 14001 certified integrated farm in Sri Lanka. During the last 32 years, Chutiduwa Group has been committed to making a significant contribution towards the Agricultural sector of Sri Lanka through its innovativeness and implied knowledge. As the Chairman of Chutiduwa Group, I extend my true spirit of gratitude to our clients and all the stakeholders for the tremendous support given us in copious ways. “To succeed we have to believe in something with such a passion that it becomes a reality”. This is what drives us in delivering the best in the field of the agricultural sector during the past 32 years. We have been making a significant contribution to the livestock industry of Sri Lanka through our continuous commitment and researches in introducing the best breeds of animals to Sri Lankan farmers. We successfully introduced AI (Artificial Insemination) technology for swine breeding with the collaboration of leading companies all over the world. Our contribution to the academic sector in Sri Lanka is remarkable. Our main integrated farm in Havana has become a model farm for University Students, lecturers, etc. Our newly established “TEMPT” meat processing SBU (Strategic Business Unit) opened us the doors to different markets in the meat industry. Our best quality meat products have become a significant quality improvement in the hotel industry. Our loyal customers of leading hotels in Sri Lanka have made a lot of quality improvement of their meat due to our consistency in supplying the best quality meat in line with the internationally accepted quality standards. There is incredible progress to celebrate this year and looking forward to the coming years. We encourage all our employees and other stakeholders to keep up the good work, support each other, and let us know how we can continue to enhance your efforts. We will look forward to all that since we will accomplish together and live in an independent Sri Lanka through agriculture.

M.H.D.A.J. Geminious (Chairman)

CHUTIDUWA Group of companies

Board of directors

Managing Director - Dr.M.H.D.A.J. Geminious

Chairman, Dr Hettiarachchi, Founder of Chutiduwa Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd, is a self-made entrepreneur who worked his way up from humble beginnings. Since the company's inception is over 30 years, he spearheads the company as the Chairman / Managing Director, leading it to where it is right now on the leading Livestock industry in Sri Lanka. He has 32 years of experience in the field. He has gone through intensive practical training in this field in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, Asia, etc. He is also a consultant to different levels of farmers all over Sri Lanka, University Students of Agriculture and Government-run farms such as NLDB (National Livestock Development Board), etc. The Chairman, Dr.A.M.Hettiarachchi, is highly recognized in the meat industry locally and internationally. He has undergone various practical and intensive meat processing training programmes.

Directress – Mrs. R.A.J.B.De Alwis

She is serving as a member of the Chutiduwa Group of Companies, Board of Directors since its initiation. She handles the CSR activities of the company, centred on creating a better, environmentally-conscious and community-focused approach to business operations.

Working Director – M.H.D.S.Danushka

Mr.Danushka withholds a management degree from the Anglia Ruskin University, and he handles the Finance, Administration and Marketing and Sales of Chutiduwa group of companies. He is also the Farm Manager of the Chutiduwa Livestock (PVT) Ltd.

Our management’s philosophy

Chutiduwa Group of companies is highly committed to providing best quality hygienic Agricultural food products by adopting internationally accepted High Technology by utilizing ultra-modern processing systems for the quality and safety regarding the protection of our much-valued customers of our Motherland. At the same time, novelty management systems have been readjusted to increase the efficiency, dedication and productivity required for an International market. Our consistent management is dedicated to the process of continuous improvement and commitment to the growth of human potentials. Development of human resources and the innovative spirits has helped establish a diversified profitable group of companies.

Our Core Values

Chutiduwa Livestock (Private) Limited is committed to the protection of the environment locally and globally and also recognizes the importance of incorporating environmental issues into everyday business decisions and activities

The company will conduct themselves in an environmentally responsible manner at all the times and aim for overall continual improvement of environmental performance as well as the prevention of pollution at all times and circumstances.

Chutiduwa Livestock (Pvt) Ltd, has a very strong understanding of the importance of having a safe, clean and healthy environment to the global community.

We believe in full commitment to preserving our environment by preventing environmental pollution by optimizing the resources efficiently and minimizing the generation of waste during all our processes' activities of the firm.

We assure that Chutiduwa implementation program is carried out in compliance with environmental legislation and regulations applicable to environment authority where we operate and maintain the farm at an international standard.

Meat Products

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