Tempt Meat Processing

We are not just another competitor to the industry, but one of the leading meat oriented food suppliers to the star class hotels & restaurants in Sri Lanka. TEMPT has kept abreast of the industry through strategic investments in the state of art food processing technology, quality control systems and an aggressive Companywide R&D orientation.

Nilabamma Estate

We are abundantly blessed with a vast variety of sub-tropical, tropical and temperate fruits and vegetables in Sri Lanka. Fruits of over 20 varieties are found in plentiful throughout our estate. Our tropical fruits such as, banana, pineapple, mango, papaya and pomegranate, cashew, Guava are significant than the rest due to the sufficiency in crops which are available continually.

Chutiduwa Livestock

Our Swine breeding station has an extent of 4 acres. In 1996, we imported the grandparent line from U.S.A, in collaboration with the Agro Enterprise Development project (AGENT) program, United States. 32 heads of large white, Land Race & Duroc were imported. We are proud to inform that our farm supplies 40% of the market share of the country`s piglets requirement.