Meat products (Tempt)

CHUTIDUWA Farm Marawila started its operations in the year 2012, is the sole holder of the brand name “TEMPT" (Allow to Temptation) which has been growing up in the food industry in Sri Lanka for the past year. We are not just another competitor to the industry, but one of the leading meat oriented food suppliers to the star class hotels & restaurants in Sri Lanka. TEMPT has kept abreast of the industry through strategic investments in the state of art food processing technology, quality control systems and an aggressive Companywide R&D orientation.

In everything we do, safety and hygiene have always been our main concern, and in this manner, each member of our staff follows stringent guidelines to ensure that our business stands by its corporate values. Along with this, each of our machineries is subjected to regular preventive maintenance programs, while ensuring the utmost levels of quality assurance. By providing excellent products, first class service and maintaining close working relationships; we have been able to remain as a top supplier for the highly competitive food market